12 March 2017: A day which every alumnus was anticipating, a day where every teacher was anxious to see their triumphant students happy and settled in their respective fields and life.

The Samparka 2017-2018 commences with the traditional Diya ceremony by the hands of our honorable trustee Shri Kesahvi Umarshi Chaddha, the foremost patron of our Shah and Anchor College along with the Principal Dr. Bhavesh Patel.The program progressed with a brief opening sharing the past achievement the students of out college achieved in the past years and how Shah and Anchor have improved the quality of education along with getting a milestone of A accreditation, a feather in the cap.

We then witnessed several alumni sharing their life stories, how the education provided by their college played a crucial role in facing the corporate world.How skills are imperative for a person, to survive and prosper in this fast-paced industry.

A powerful message was bestowed by Mrs. Swati Nadkarni and by honorable V.C Kotak, sharing their acumens about the past and future of the college and sharing the new visions, missions the college has planned for its students.

Later the Alumni had an informal meet with all the teachers sitting back in those classrooms, with a feeling of nostalgia, flashbacks and ending the event on a high note.

Well, we hope to see more Alumni for the Samparka 2018-2019 edition.


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