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Information Technology Department of SAKEC, Organized a session on “DIGIMANTRA”. The event was conducted on the 5th August, 2017. This workshop would form a base of entrepreneurship via affiliate Digital Marketing, where the main...

Sound Engineering & VideoGraphy

  Department of Information Technology in collaboration with CSI, SAKEC STUDENT CHAPTER had organised a WORKSHOP on “Sound Engineering & VideoGraphy” on 5th August, 2017.  

Hands-on Python Programming

SAKEC ACM student Chapter in collaboration with Information Department, SAKEC recently organized “Hands-on Python Programming” workshop. The event was conducted over a period of 3 days from 5th July 2017 to 7th July 2017...

Stress Management

Information Technology Department of SAKEC, organized a session on “STRESS MANAGEMENT” The event was conducted on the 29th July, 2017.The objective of the event was to have a session on Understanding & Removal of...


#ISTE #SAKEC in collaboration with #IT DEPARTMENT had remarkable Hands-on workshop on RUBYGRAMMING on 12th August, 2017 in Lab 204 from 10 to 2 pm. Ms. Swati Nadkarni addressed the crowd and introduced the...

CYBERH4CK: The Road to Digital Defence

SAKEC ACM Student Chapter organized an event "CYBERH4CK: The Road to Digital Defence" from 12th September 2017 to 16th September 2017.The main aim of the event was to Ethiattack -->Detect --> Defence. 5 days...

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