The Annual meet Samparkha, where all the esteemed alumni, nostalgic entering that classroom, meet and interact with classmates, the teachers was indeed a milestone in the Shah and Anchor Kutchi Engineering which saw quite some participation from both the alumni and the students.
The meet began with the traditional Diya ceremony by Shri Keshavji Umarshi along with Mr. Kotak.The event progressed with highlighting some of the achievements of the college, the students have achieved.The alumni shared how the corporate life was treating them and shared some golden tips to those future graduates to prepare and face the world.
The famous, the popular and the accomplished dance group which has won several laurels for our college had one surprise power packed performance waiting to treat us.Following up the dance performance was a serene performance by Miss Sheetal Sharma who showcased here traditional Indian dance style with utmost perfection and beauty.
The event ended on a high note with a beautiful message by Mr. Kotak to all the students and concluded by thanking and giving a warm token of appreciation to the trustee.

Well, Hope, we see more alumni next edition of Samparkha 2017!



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