Event: Opportunity to work with Hawkeye MedTech Inc

Opportunity to work with Hawkeye MedTech Inc

Date: 04 Aug, 2020

Type: Completed

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Hawkeye MedTech, Inc. is hiring interns to design and develop an AI Expert System.

This AI expert system will help the healthcare providers with an automated decision making capability to decide upon which patient is critical and requires immediate attention and which can be taken later. It will also ease the patients life by letting the healthcare provider come up to their homes(virtually) for the check ups.

Domain: AI in Healthcare

Broad Objective: 1. To design a Rule based expert system in healthcare application
2. To explore existing open source rules based engines and select the appropriate one for the  given requirement.
3. To generate rules in Natural  Language to decide the order of treatment for patients based on their health parameters
4. To create rules at different levels of hierarchy incorporating conflict resolution techniques in case of rule conflict
5. To design suitable visualization that shows different classes of patients 
6. To design an impressive GUI for the above application

Students will be hired for the following positions:

1. Frontend Developer
2. Backend Developer
3. Mobile Application Developer

Preferrably, students should have Knowledge of open source rule based inference engine for expert system and should be quick learners in design and development using open source technologies