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1.A Hybrid International Webinar Series: Innovative & Emerging Technology in the field of Research2020-06-08Click hereUpcoming
2.Free Webinar on “AI & ML for Business Application2020-05-27Click hereCompleted
3.Star certification online teaching Webinar on Ethical Hacking2020-05-25Click hereCompleted
4.Star certification online teaching2020-05-19Click hereCompleted
5.Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking2020-02-18Click hereCompleted
6.Celebrating launch of Physics I & II App2020-02-03Click hereCompleted
7.Art of Living Watershed Project Launch 2020-02-02Click hereCompleted
8.Industrial visit and training program2019-12-04Click hereCompleted
9.IDF Foundation Day 2019 & Celebration of Collaboration With Project Launch2019-09-25Click hereCompleted
10.Meeting with Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji2019-09-04Click hereCompleted
11.Internship At Art Of Living2019-07-18Click hereCompleted
12.Student Leadership Program at Anjuman Islam School & Felicitation of Mentors2019-02-09Click hereCompleted
13.Celebration of Collaboration with Project Launch2019-02-02Click hereCompleted
14.Daan Utsav 20182018-10-26Click hereCompleted
15.Daan Utsav 20182018-10-26Click hereCompleted
16.Student Leadership Program by IDF2018-09-19Click hereCompleted
17.Diving into Deep Learning2018-09-01Click hereCompleted
18.ME BECOMES WE: Together to Build a Strong Nation2018-08-04Click hereCompleted
19.Leaders in Action2018-07-03Click hereCompleted