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1.Insights on Cybersecurity by BES2023-05-25EventDetailsCompleted
2.Call for Internship – Elite Learning Center2023-04-08InternshipDetailsCompleted
3.Call for Internships – Research Cell2023-02-18InternshipDetailsCompleted
4.Call for Internship – Research Cell2023-02-18InternshipDetailsCompleted
5.Blue Eye Soft Corp – Call for Internships2023-01-27InternshipDetailsCompleted
6. How to Make Choices in Life2023-01-25EventDetailsCompleted
7.Research Cell presents Webinar on "Exploration of Global Space Foundation By USA and Germany Researchers"2023-01-16EventDetailsCompleted
8.Research Cell promotes - "Evolving Research Software towards next generation high energy physics experiments" talk at MU2023-01-12EventDetailsCompleted
9.Call for Intenships – CyberPeace2023-01-09InternshipDetailsCompleted
10.Workshop on Basics of Unity2023-01-07EventDetailsCompleted
11.Call for Internships – SAKEC Virtual Tour2022-12-30InternshipDetailsCompleted
12.Call for Intenships – Neeta Enterprises (NIAN)2022-12-10InternshipDetailsCompleted
13.Call for students as Research Council members2022-11-29InternshipDetailsCompleted
14.Call for Research Interns for BES Space2022-11-21EventDetailsCompleted
15.CiiA-2 Inter–Institution Students Innovation Competition2022-10-24EventDetailsCompleted
16.Launch of SAKEC CyberPeace Center of Excellence2022-10-14EventDetailsCompleted
17.My Data My Privacy - Campaign to Drive Conversations on Data Privacy & Data Protection2022-10-14EventDetailsCompleted
18.Research Cell promotes - Invitation for the inaugural edition of IInvenTiv - all IIT R&D Fair2022-10-14EventDetailsCompleted
19.Launch of International Journal – Internet of Governance and Cyber Security2022-10-14EventDetailsCompleted
20.Call for Intenships – Nitya Innovations LLP2022-10-08InternshipDetailsCompleted
21.Call for Intenships – Esparse Matrix Solutions Pvt Ltd2022-10-08InternshipDetailsCompleted
22.Call for Internships – CETACS2022-10-08InternshipDetailsCompleted
23.Call for research interns for suvidha foundation2022-10-04EventDetailsCompleted
24.Call for research interns for Indian Development foundation2022-10-04EventDetailsCompleted
25.TSN EP II : Project Management2022-09-19EventDetailsCompleted
26.Menstrual Health & Hygiene Awareness Event at Green Pencil Foundation2022-09-18EventDetailsCompleted
27.Research Cell congratulates SAKEC students for completing Project " Coating Thickness and Wear calculation Software Module" in collaboration with Surface Modification Technologies Pvt Ltd.2022-08-17EventDetailsCompleted
28.Surface Modification Technologies Pvt Ltd – Call For Internships2022-08-12InternshipDetailsCompleted
29.Call for applications to join SAKEC Research Cell2022-07-05InternshipDetailsCompleted
30.Indian Knowledge System – Call for Internships2022-06-29InternshipDetailsCompleted
31.Jadawel Realsteat Est. – Call for Internships2022-06-22EventDetailsCompleted
32.Aviation Simulation Workshop 2022-05-07EventDetailsCompleted
33.Suvidha Foundation – Call for Internships2022-04-16EventDetailsCompleted
34. Industrial Visit to Surface Modification Technologies Pvt Ltd2022-04-08EventDetailsCompleted
35.Call for Cyber security Interns 2022-03-31InternshipDetailsCompleted
36.Interaction with Mr. Srikant Kodeboyina BES, USA2022-03-22EventDetailsCompleted
37.The Student Network – By the Youth For the Youth2022-02-16EventDetailsCompleted
38.Day1:"The Student Network : Where's the magic, if you can’t tell your spells!!"2022-02-16EventDetailsCompleted
39.Launch of Engineering Virtual Lab 2022-02-12EventDetailsCompleted
40.Development of Administration Module – Call for Internships2022-02-11InternshipDetailsCompleted
41. CIIA Inter- Institution Students Innovation Competition2022-02-10EventDetailsCompleted
42.GIAN Course on Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI)2022-02-10EventDetailsCompleted
43.Research Cell Website Optimization – Call for Internships2022-02-07InternshipDetailsCompleted
44.Indian Knowledge System – Call for Faculty2022-02-07InternshipDetailsCompleted
45.Surface Modification Technologies Pvt. Ltd. – Call for Internships2022-02-05InternshipDetailsCompleted
46.Summer Research Program Application, National Science Foundation (NSF), USA – Call for Internships2022-01-30InternshipDetailsCompleted
47.Indian Knowledge System – Call for Internships2022-01-28InternshipDetailsCompleted – Call for Internships2022-01-25InternshipDetailsCompleted
49.Doctor On Click – Call for Internships2022-01-14InternshipDetailsCompleted
50.CETACS – Call for Internships2022-01-04InternshipDetailsCompleted
51.Spoken Tutorial Certification Workshops2021-12-20EventDetailsCompleted
52.Postdoctoral Research Funding Opportunities2021-12-18EventDetailsCompleted
53.Blue Eye Soft Corp – Call for Internships2021-12-17InternshipDetailsCompleted
54.Virtual Tour of the Surface Modification Technologies Pvt Ltd2021-12-11EventDetailsCompleted
55.Graphics Workshop: An Introduction To GIMP2021-11-19EventDetailsCompleted
56.Engineering Mechanics Virtual Lab An initiative by SAKEC Is Hiring Interns2021-11-15InternshipDetailsCompleted
57.Basic Electrical Engineering Virtual Lab An initiative by SAKEC Is Hiring Interns2021-11-15InternshipDetailsCompleted
58.Surface Modification Technologies Pvt. Ltd. – Call for Internships2021-11-12InternshipDetailsCompleted
59.Engineering Science VirtualLab – Call for Internships2021-11-07InternshipDetailsCompleted
60.Day5:"Hybrid webinar series 2.0 : Innovative & Emerging Technology in the field of Research"2021-10-23EventDetailsCompleted
61.Day4:"Hybrid webinar series 2.0 : Innovative & Emerging Technology in the field of Research"2021-10-16EventDetailsCompleted
62.Call for internship at Skinzy Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.2021-10-12InternshipDetailsCompleted
63.Day3:"Hybrid webinar series 2.0 : Innovative & Emerging Technology in the field of Research"2021-09-25EventDetailsCompleted
64.Day2:An International Webinar on "Hybrid webinar series 2.0 : Innovative & Emerging Technology in the field of Research"2021-09-18EventDetailsCompleted
65.A Workshop on: Secrets to Write a Fund Fetching Research Proposal2021-09-06EventDetailsCompleted
66.An International Webinar on "Hybrid webinar series 2.0 : Innovative & Emerging Technology in the field of Research"2021-09-04EventDetailsCompleted
67.Applications are invited to join SAKEC Research Cell as Council Member2021-07-18EventDetailsCompleted
69.STAR Orientation Program2021-03-13EventDetailsCompleted
70.The F.A.I.R. Project 20212021-03-08EventDetailsCompleted
71.Philo Physics2021-02-12EventDetailsCompleted
72.BLP PROJECT JOURNEY2021-02-11EventDetailsCompleted
73.Blue Eye Soft Corp2021-01-28InternshipDetailsCompleted
74.Intern at Blue Eye Soft Corp Intern2021-01-26InternshipDetailsCompleted
75.Madhavi Shankar, Co-Founder & CEO - SpaceBasic,Inc.2020-08-18EventDetailsCompleted
76.Join as an intern in Virtual Shooting Gun project2020-08-16InternshipDetailsCompleted
77.Product Launch & Congratulating to Zero Hunger Team2020-08-14EventDetailsCompleted
78.US Media Internship2020-08-14InternshipDetailsCompleted
79.Opportunity to work with Hawkeye MedTech Inc2020-08-04InternshipDetailsCompleted
80.Webinar on AICTE-Mitacs Inc Globalink Research Internship (GRI)- 20212020-07-27InternshipDetailsCompleted
81.World Trade Centers Association Foundation (WTCAF)2020-07-19EventDetailsCompleted
82.AMS GuideNGrow2020-07-06EventDetailsCompleted
83.A Hybrid International Webinar Series: Innovative & Emerging Technology in the field of Research2020-06-06EventDetailsCompleted
84.Free Webinar on “AI & ML for Business Application2020-05-25EventDetailsCompleted
85.Star certification online teaching Webinar on Ethical Hacking2020-05-25EventDetailsCompleted
86.Star certification online teaching2020-05-19EventDetailsCompleted
87.Celebrating launch of Physics I & II App2020-02-03EventDetailsCompleted
88.Art of Living Watershed Project Launch2020-02-02EventDetailsCompleted
89.Industrial visit and training program2019-12-04EventDetailsCompleted
90.Meeting with Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji2019-09-04EventDetailsCompleted
91.Internship At Art Of Living2019-07-18InternshipDetailsCompleted
92.IDF Foundation Day 2019 & Celebration of Collaboration With Project Launch2019-07-03EventDetailsCompleted
93.Student Leadership Program at Anjuman Islam School & Felicitation of Mentors2019-02-09EventDetailsCompleted
94.Celebration of Collaboration with Project Launch2019-02-02EventDetailsCompleted
95.Daan Utsav 20182018-10-26EventDetailsCompleted
96.Student Leadership Program by IDFStudent Leadership Program by IDF2018-09-19EventDetailsCompleted
97.Diving into Deep Learning2018-09-08EventDetailsCompleted
98.ME BECOMES WE: Together to Build a Strong Nation2018-08-04EventDetailsCompleted
99.Leaders in Action2018-07-03EventDetailsCompleted

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