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This event is a test of skills such as confidence, decision making, practicality, street smartness and other qualities one needs to be a good and successful entrepreneur.  Stages:

Participants will be made to appear for an on-paper quiz testing their knowledge in current-world business happenings, and the top 16 scorers will advance to the next round.

 Round 1:
(CROWD ATTRACTION & HANDLING) Selected participants will be randomly divided into 2 teams of 8 each, and will be assigned the task of setting up a stall on college premises and trying to attract maximum number of people. Things to be done to engage the crowd will be at the discretion of the teams. Teams are supposed to maintain a record of all the persons coming to their stall. At the end of the specified time period, the team with the most names on the list (or highest crowd presence) will advance to the next round.

Members of the winning team of the previous round will again be randomly divided into 2 teams of 4 each and will be given products worth a specific amount. Teams are expected to go and sell them within the college premises to professors (rule modified from previously mentioned 'strictly outside college premises') and return within a stipulated time. The team with the highest profit wins. Volunteers will accompany the teams to ensure fair play.

 Round 3: (FINAL ROUND)
Last 4 participants participate in a vote-out and eliminate the weakling. The remaining 3 contenders will now play in individual capacity. They will be given a specific time period, within which they have to come up with a unique business idea. The details will include:

•         Name of the organization,
•         Slogan,           
•         The methodology of execution of their plans.  

The implementation and explanation of the idea will be evaluated by a panel of judges and the winner decided on the practicality and feasibility of the proposal.

Event Head - Aayush Sharma [TE-1] (9769627753)

Event Coordinator - Anish Andrew [TE-1] (9664819813)